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Pallet Racking

A Warehouse is usually a large building or facility located in a business district or an industrial center in any city or town.
Pallet Racking

A Warehouse main function is the storage of goods and products that are ready for distribution locally, nationally, or worldwide.

To keep everything in order the goods are typically stored on what is known as Pallet Racking. What makes Pallet Racking so popular is can easily be loaded and unloaded with a fork lift. Another asset of this type of racking is can handle large loads of heavy merchandise, supplies, or goods in either a cement or liquid form.

For lighter duty applications that do not require a fork lift Wide Span Racking is used. Wide Span can be used in a pet or hardware store to display or store large bagged goods.

Another major asset of a Warehouse is the loading dock. A loading dock stands a standardized 3 foot high and the trailer of a freight truck stands 3 foot high. This makes it easy to load and unload a freight trailer as a forklift can move and out of the trailer quickly and easily.

Pallet Rack Parts

A description of the main componants used to create Pallet Racking.

Wide Span Racking

Wide Span Racking

Wide Span racking is a lighter duty racking system that can be used t store and display your heavier bagged items such as cement and dog food.

Gondola Shelving

The ultimate store display. Ability to display product on one side of the display fixture or both sides of the fixtures.